Its history makes the Loft in the Mill outstanding accommodation in Olinda, Dandenong Ranges.

In 1985, visionaries Janice and Ross Gasking bought a vacant piece of land that was  filled with holly trees and blackberry. Known for building many stone houses throughout The Dandenongs, Janice and Ross expanded their portfolio to include the replica of a Victorian Flour Mill & Carriage House, known as The Loft in the Mill.
These buildings were created with timeless charm and architecture that complimented perfectly with the landscape and historic charm of Olinda.

The Carriage House was built first in 1989, then The Mill.
Every stone individually cut to fit its space, taken up ladders to the appropriate level and carefully tapped into place.  As the mortar between the stones set, it was raked and brushed out to create the neat professional stonework you see now; the stone mason was brilliant and other trades also very exacting.

There were no more than 6 other B&B’s operating in The Dandenongs at that time.

Purpose built to accommodate five independent tenants and one residential B&B Suite, which today is known as The Loft Suite.  Due to the demand of more accommodation in The Dandenongs, the five independent suites were each converted to boutique accommodation.  Each room needed careful and meticulous design and construction to install plumbing and other services into solid masonry structure.  The de-constructed walls became a signature of the property and so too the individuality of each room in both size and decor.

The property changed hands in 2007 and is currently undergoing interior renovations room by room to ensure the magnificence and elegance of this property continues to surprise and delight its beautiful guests, team and owners for many years to come……………..  And in all ways be known as a place to make beautiful memories.

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